Prime Pro VSQZ

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The second generation of Simon Vasquez self-developed racket is here. With the fundamental features of one of the world's bestselling padel rackets, Simon has further developed a number of features that place the racket in the center of the development of the sport. The main difference is that this racket is lighter than its predecessor and that the balance is placed further down towards the heart of the racket. Simon has also chosen to make the frame slightly more forgiving by integrating a smaller portion of fiberglass into the construction.

The racket is 45,5 cm long and has an extended grip. As before, it fits perfectly for the player who sometimes hits certain backhands with two hands, for example, the returns. The frame has a hexagonal profile called “Dynamic Hex” which increases the handling of the racket. The Axis Force stabilizer in the neck of the racket remains from before and gives the frame superior stability and reduces vibrations caused by ball impact. The racket core consists of an adaptive EVA material that increases the sweet spot and compensates for mediocre ball hits, even outside the racket's center. ”Power Holes” where the smallest holes are placed closest to the center while the holes closer to the frame are slightly larger give the racket better stability and further increases the racket's sweet spot. The surface of the racket is made of high-quality aluminized 12k carbon fiber together with the RS Grid Pattern for even better grip and spin on the ball. 

  • The 2nd generation of the world's bestselling padel racket
  • Iconic RS design with the highest reputation among padel specialists
  • Developed by Simon Vasquez together with world leading racket engineers
  • Lower weight than the predecessor, but with the same fantastic power and feeling
  • Superior stability
  • RS Power Holes for increased sweet spot
  • Extra long grip
  • Shape: Hybrid Tear Drop/Diamond
  • Frame: 80% Carbon, 20% fiber
  • Face: 12K Aluminized Carbon Fiber
  • Surface: RS Grid Pattern for extra grip and spin
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Balance: Mid
  • Weight: 360 g +/- 10 g (standard lies within +/- 5 g)

”A natural part of the development of the sport this past year has been that about 95% of the world's players feel better playing with a racket of lower weight and center of gravity. Too many players have sustained elbow and shoulder injuries as a result of playing with a racket that is too forward-heavy. The fantastic thing about my new racket is that we managed to keep the power in the shots for players who like power even though this racket is nicer to players' elbows and shoulders. I have also added a spin pattern to the racket (grid pattern) which adds more spin than the predecessor. We have also added an even more aerodynamic design which allows the racket to move through the air with less resistance than before. When we finalized the final version of this racket, I couldn't help but shout that this is the most comfortable, perfect padel racket I've had so far. I hope you will feel the same." - Simon Vasquez