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RS Foam Edition
RS Foam Edition
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RS Tour Edition | 1
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RS Tour Edition | 1
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Tennis Balls developed by Robin Söderling

Explore our impressive selection of tennis balls at RS Tennis - a leading supplier of high quality tennis products developed by world number four tennis player Robin Söderling. Whether you are an experienced competitive player, an advanced level exerciser or a beginner in need of balls that suit your level, we have the perfect choice for you.

Our RS Black Edition is specially designed to be easier to play and suitable for both beginners and players with lower racket speed. These balls provide optimal control and bounce on the court, which provides a comfortable playing experience and increases confidence during the game.

For more advanced exercisers and competitive players, we offer our RS Tour Edition. These balls are faster and are designed to meet the high demands of skilled players. With improved ball speed and control, you can maximize your performance and play at the top level.

For beginners and juniors playing tennis for the first time or up to 9 years old, we recommend our RS Orange Edition. These balls are specially designed to be a little slower and easier to handle for young players. The RS Orange Edition provides an optimal learning environment and helps build technique and coordination in the youngest players.

For players who want to take the next step in their development, we recommend our RS Green Edition. These balls are ideal for juniors who are ready to play with standard tennis balls. The RS Green Edition provides slightly faster ball speed and bounce, which helps prepare young players for playing with full-sized tennis balls.

For the very youngest tennis players, we also offer the RS Foam Edition. These balls are made of foam material and are perfect for the very first steps into the world of tennis. RS Foam Edition provides a soft and gentle feel for the very youngest players.

Choose tennis balls from RS Tennis that suit your level and playing style. Whether you are a beginner, junior or experienced competitive player, you can trust that our tennis balls are of the highest quality and developed with care by Robin Söderling himself. Order your tennis balls from RS Tennis today and experience an exceptional playing experience on the court.