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Robin Söderling

Robin Söderling, born August 14, 1984 in Tibro, Sweden, is one of Sweden's most outstanding tennis players of all time. He is known for his powerful style of play, intelligence on the court and unmatched competitive spirit. Through his RS Sports brand, Söderling has also become a symbol of success, determination and professionalism in the world of tennis.

Söderling started playing tennis at an early age and quickly showed incredible talent. His progress as a junior was promising and he won several national junior titles before moving on to become a professional player. During his career, Söderling reached an impressive ranking of number 4 in the world in singles, which is the highest ranking ever achieved by a Swedish tennis player since the time of Stefan Edberg.

One of Söderling's most memorable performances occurred during the 2009 French Open. He defeated the unbeaten Rafael Nadal in the fourth round, giving Nadal his first ever loss at the tournament. Söderling continued to impress and reached the final, where he faced Roger Federer. Despite not winning the title, he became the first player to defeat both Nadal and Federer in the same Grand Slam tournament.

Robin Söderling's brand, RS Sports, has become synonymous with his successful career. The brand represents his dedication, passion and focus on delivering his best on and off the court. RS Sports offers a wide range of tennis accessories and clothing, which reflect Söderling's style and elegance.

Unfortunately, Söderling was forced to end his career early due to chronic arthritis in his wrist. Despite this, his impact on the tennis world and his contribution to Swedish tennis have not disappeared. He has continued to be active in the sport as a coach and mentor to young players, and he has also organized tennis training courses and events to promote the sport in Sweden and globally.

Robin Söderling will always be a celebrated tennis player and an inspirational figure for many. Through his successful career and his RS Sports brand, he has set a high standard for professionalism and excellence in the world of tennis.

Robin Söderling's sportsbrand

In 2013, tennis star Robin Söderling founded the brand RS Sports which provides premium products in three divisions: RS Tennis, RS Padel and RS Sportswear. The idea for the brand was to create products for "people in motion".

RS Tennis

First was RS Tennis where Söderling developed his own tennis ball which quickly became a world success, this also resulted in more products being developed, including tennis strings, tennis wraps and bags.

RS Padel

At a time when Padel was completely exploding in Sweden, Söderling chose to broaden his portfolio and launched RS Padel. The first product to be launched in the segment was also a ball here, namely Padel Tour X, which was developed in collaboration with padel pro Simon Vasquez. Next up was a premium racket together with padel star Cayetano Rocafort. Since then, the majority of padel rackets, padel wraps, padel bags and other accessories in the sport have been launched.

RS Sportswear

In 2021, clothing from RS Sports was also launched, under the name RS Sportswear. The ambition when RS created training clothes was to offer you the world's most comfortable training clothes. Whether you're going out for a run, going to the gym, power walking or just want nice, relaxed clothes for everyday use, RS is perfect for you.

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