RS x Simon Vasquez

In 2019, the best Swedish padel player Simon Vasquez developed RS Padel Tour X together with Robin Söderling. In 2021, Simon and RS launched RS Champions Choice. In 2022, we took the collaboration to the next level and launched RS Pro Edition Simon Vasquez.


With inspiration from the best padel rackets in the world, we have after a long and complex development process, created a racket with all the favorite features and elements from players on the World Padel Tour. The result is the Pro Edition Simon Vasquez. Developed closely between Simon Vasquez and Robin Söderling together with the engineering team of RS. We believe we have created the most complete padel racket.

This is Simon Vasquez’s favorite and one of our absolute top racquets. The racquet got an extended grip by 1 cm that gives a better reach and more force in the overhead game. This racquet fits perfectly for the player who plays a two hand backhand. For example when returning the ball. The frame profile is shaped as an hexagon called “Dynamic Hex” and increases the maneuverability of the racquet. The Axis Force stabilisator in the neck of the racquet gives superior stability and decreases the vibrations when striking the ball.

The core of the racquet contains an adaptive EVA material to increase the sweet spot and compensate for strikes outside of the racket center. ”Power Holes”, where the smallest holes are placed at the center of the racquet face, while the holes closer to the racquet frame are bigger, creating a better stability and further increasing the sweet spot. The surface of the racquet face is made out of aluminized 12k carbon fiber together with 3D embossed RS logos for better grip and spin


In the end of 2020 Robin Söderling and Simon Vasquez took the assignment to create the ultimate padel ball made for competition. The result was RS Champions Choice.

RS Champions Choice is a professional tour ball developed by Simon Vasquez and Robin Söderling. The perfect ball for advanced players. The speed of the ball is two levels higher than Padel Tour X and the brand new rubber mix gives the player a soft feel and unique feeling without losing any ball speed.


Robin Söderling founded RS Tennis in 2013. All products have been developed by Robin.

When RS entered the Padel world, we had to ensure that we could develop and deliver premium products in Padel as well. The thought of developing products with a professional Padel player was something that both Robin and RS felt like the way forward.

The Swedish nr 1 player Simon Vasquez was our first collaboration. Simon and Robin spent almost year developing the perfect padel ball for the public. RS Padel Tour X were launched in 2019 and quickly became a success story only within a few months.

RS x Simon Vasquez