RS Sports is a sports brand founded in 2013 by tennis star Robin Söderling. RS Sports provides premium products in three divisions: Sportswear, Tennis and Padel. Read more about each division below.

Robin Söderling was once asked, what is the best tennis ball you have ever played with?

Unable to answer the question, he decided to develop his own. A ball that he can proudly say is the best he has ever used on the court. A ball without compromise when it comes to quality, material, durability or feel.

After months of development in laboratories, production facilities and on tennis courts, Robin and his product development team were finally ready to introduce the RS All Court Black Edition to tennis players worldwide. RS tennis balls became the official tennis ball of the Stockholm Open in 2014, cementing its presence in the tennis world as the best of the best. The tennis ball is designed and developed by a tennis professional, someone who really understands how a ball should feel.

RS breathes our love for tennis, quality and clean design into everything we do. With all these elements combined, we have created a fresh and innovative tennis brand.

We always strive to give that little extra to our customers. Our products are developed for the premium segment. But it’s not enough for us. We strive to package our products in a simple, but tasteful way that follows Scandinavian design.

Our origin story started with tennis balls, but today our product range has expanded to a wide range of RS tennis accessories developed for our tennis players in mind, elevating the tennis experience.

With our team of engineers, product developers and professional tennis players, RS products are produced with the absolute best materials and the most accurate production that the tennis world has ever seen.

RS Tennis

RS Tennis offers a large range of products for those who like tennis. Our products have a Nordic design of the highest quality for those who want to perform at their peak and look good on the tennis court. In our range of tennis products you will find tennis balls, tennis strings, grip tapes, tennis bags and other accessories.


RS Padel is a premium padel brand and part of RS Sports. RS Padel is a premium padel brand and part of RS Sports. After the padel boom in Sweden, Robin Soderling and his team decided to enter the padel market and to develop premium padel products such as balls, rackets, bags and accessories.

RS Sportswear

Sportswear produced with design and quality in focus, for people on the move.

The ambition when RS created training clothes was to offer you the world's most comfortable training clothes. Whether you're going out for a run, going to the gym, power walking or just want nice, relaxed clothes for everyday use, RS is perfect for you. With exclusive fabrics, stylish and comfortable fit and stripped-down, stylish and stylish design, we have developed lots of garments for both men and women. We chose to call it RS Sportswear.