RS x Maxi Sanchez Blasco

One of the young guns in Team RS is Argentinian Maxi Sanchez Blasco. Maxi already proved the world of padel that he is one of the biggest talents out there.
Born in 2002, Sanchez Blasco has already been ranked within the top 10 of the APT ranking. Maxi choose to compete on the APT Tour, having in mind that the tour is massive in South America. Broadcasted on ESPN South America with millions of viewers, this special young man shows from week to week that he has the opportunity to become one of the worlds best players in the game.
Maxi plays the RS Prime Power 2.0 and wears the premium RS apparel. Follow his journey on his Instagram: @maxisanchezb06

RS Prime Power 2.0

RS Prime Power 2.0 is Maxi Sanchez Blasco’s racket of choice. Read more about the racket below.

Prime Power Edition 2.0 is the newly developed version of the first Prime Power racket. The surface contains a twisted aluminised 12k carbon fiber layer that spreads the vibration from hitting the ball across the entire surface. The core consists of EVA rubber that will give you a catapult feeling when striking the ball. The racket frame is made of woven Japanese lightweight fiberglass that gives the racket a more gentle and flexible character.

Prime Power Edition 2.0 is slightly harder than its sibling in the Prime series, Prime Control Edition 2.0.


RS x Maxi Sanchez Blasco